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Tour started - First new songs played

After a few benefit concerts in May, the 2014 tour has started two days ago with a concert in Portland, OR. James and his All-star band will be touring across the USA and Europe for 30+ concerts. Some sources report that more tour dates will be added, extending the tour into November/December of this year. This has yet to be officially confirmed.

During this tour, James will play his classics alongside with a few new songs! During the first concert (setlist here), James played three new songs. The first is called "Today, Today, Today" and is about beginnings. The second one is a songs about missing home, which for now I will call "My favorite thing is to miss my home". The third song is a love ballad that for now I will dub "You and I Again".

Hopefully we will hear more about the new songs and/or a new album soon!