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Review Brussels 19/09/2014

Yesterday (19/09) I finally went to see James and band live in Brussels in the Cirque Royal (which does not look as 'Royal' as one may expect). It was an amazing concert experience. Without a doubt the best JT concert I have ever seen. James' voice was in great shape (better than 2 years ago). JT and band were thoroughly enjoying themselves on stage and this really added a positive vibe to the whole experience.

The band was incredibly tight and added great grooves to many of the songs, including some of the old favorites. They more than ever got their moments to shine, which was great to see and made this the most energetic JT show I've ever seen. The backing vocals also add so much richness to the sound of songs like "Carolina in My Mind" and "Shower The People" that I really missed last time I saw James (2012). "Lo and Behold" was given an almost gospel feeling by the backing vocals. "Wandering" and "Wild Mountain Thyme" were hauntingly beautiful, with James' subtle guitar playing and the amazing vocal arrangements.

The setlist (see below) was the same as on other concerts of the European tour this year. A great mix of old favorites, album gems and a few new songs. Of the new songs the piano-driven love ballad "You and I Again" is certainly my favorite. Highlights for me were "Millworker" (which started with a great guitar/bass intro), "Raised Up Family" (great guitar playing from both James and Michael) and "Country Road" (Steve Gadd on drums ... wow!). "Wild Mountain Thyme" closed the show in a perfect way and to me was the most memorable moment of the evening. I was glad to hear this song will most probably be on the upcoming album.

Something in the Way She Moves
Today, Today, Today (new song)
Lo and Behold
Country Road
Carolina in My Mind
One More Go Round
Sweet Baby James
Shower the People

Stretch of the Highway (new song)
You and I Again (new song)
Raised Up Family
Only One
Handy Man
Fire and Rain
Up on the Roof
Your Smiling Face

How Sweet It Is
You've Got a Friend
Wild Mountain Thyme

Steve Gadd  -  Drums
Jimmy Johnson  -  Bass
Larry Goldings  -  Piano/Organ
Michael Landau  -  Guitars
Andrea Zonn  -  Vocals/Violin
Arnold McCuller  -  Vocals
Kate Markowitz  -  Vocals